Kind Words

“A little over a year ago I heard War Chief play in front of the Clinton Presidential Library at ‪#‎Riverfest‬. The music, the performance and the act was best in show! Not long after, I caught up with this band at a smaller venue and became a fan. Their last album had all of the qualities in music I look for, and when I heard their next album would be coming out soon I hoped it would be at the same level. The Broken Heart EP is and it sounds amazing. The music and lyrics are contagious with a variety of rhythms and sounds. This EP further builds on the top reputation War Chief has built and I am looking forward to many more concerts! “-iTunes Review

“Graceful — it’s one descriptor of the rock ’n’ roll of Little Rock band War Chief. Perhaps the word is an unlikely adjective. Can rock ’n’ roll music be graceful? The word sounds so weak. Too refined for the musical genre.

Well, one can try injecting a little grace into rock ’n’ roll. Only some bands get there and make it sound right. Others struggle, never succeeding. War Chief gets there. Effortlessly. Their music is tough and cool and taut. But also fragile and unhurried. And therein, in the middle of the band’s sound, lies War Chief’s grace, its elegance and refinement of movement. A sound that won’t be bottled or corrupted. Something fierce and independent yet complex and tame. Tuneful. Rock ’n’ roll. Jackhammering power chords and nimble-fingered, lingering leads. Powerhouse drumming and delightful keyboard textures. Thumping bass lines and howling yet soulful vocals….” from “Unique Rock ‘n’ Roll Ride” by Shea Stewart, Sync Weekly 7/23/13

“Opener “Wine-Darkened Sea” starts off melancholy before progressing to a defiant chorus and an uplifting finish. It recalls some of the less jammy tracks by The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. “Paper Tigers” is a standout, an understated, propulsive rumination that finds Shelton sifting through the ashes. “Victorians” is a sturdy rocker featuring searing guest lead guitar from Stephen Neeper. The EP’s centerpiece is the dramatic “Rewind (30 Pieces),” which builds on pounding piano and drums and gently strummed guitars, working up the tension to a cathartic release on the chorus.”from “War Chief Picked Best”  by Robert Bell, Arkansas Times 7/25/2013

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